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The Distinguished Club Program. Who Cares?

In Uncategorized on January 26, 2012 at 5:54 pm

I’ve only been a member of Chamber Chatters for a few months, and had heard that we were a President’s Distinguished Club.  But I had no idea what this was, or what it meant.  So I did some digging …

Every year, Toastmasters International recognizes the highest performing clubs.  Assessment is made of the club’s membership levels, of individual members’ speaking and leadership awards, of formal training of club officers, and overall diligence in running the club.  Clubs that excel in all these areas are awarded various levels of commendation.  Chamber Chatters has been a President’s Distinguished Club – the highest level award – for the last three years!

So why is this important?

Having the President’s Distinguished award means the club offers the highest quality Toastmaster experience for its members.  It means that the club has a robust membership, which results in well attended, well run meetings that enhance the enjoyment and reinforce the supportive atmosphere of each meeting.  Also the club focuses on keeping members moving through the education program, allowing those that wish to progress through the formal training Toastmasters offers, a chance to keep improving their speaking and leadership skills.  Finally, the club officer training requirements ensure that meetings and club business is conducted efficiently and productively, again adding to the spirit and motivational aspect of the club.

Annual awards are made in June, so we’ve five months left to achieve this year’s goals.  I for one am going to work hard to help us achieve President’s Distinguished Club status for the fourth year running!