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Congratulations x 3 are in order for Jay Bennett!

In Uncategorized on October 31, 2012 at 9:45 am

After winning our Club Evaluation contest, Jay went on to handily win our Area F19 Evaluation Contest in September. Then on Oct 11, Jay won for the third time at the Division F Evaluation Contest.

This was the first Division-level contest I’ve attended, and I was truly impressed by the competition. All 5 evaluators won their local- and area-level contests, and it showed: they gave poised, professional, well-crafted evaluations of Santosh Kumar’s advanced, practically flawless speech.

Even with the fierce competition, two evaluators stood out—Jay and Dennis Dawson. Both were outstanding, and the judges picked Jay as the best. How did he do it? Well, we all know that Jay has excellent speaking skills and a keen ear for evaluating. But I think two things really helped Jay rise to the top: practice and preparation. Jay has been giving evaluations every week at our club meetings to gain experience. He has met with his mentor regularly to discuss strategy, strengths, and areas for improvement. He has solicited advice from advanced Toastmasters and from District leaders. And the results have been 3 wins…so far.

What’s next for Jay? Why, the next level of competition, of course! The District 57 Conference is this Sat, Nov 3 in Vallejo. Jay will be attending the conference and representing Chamber Chatters at the Evaluation Contest.

Jay, we are thrilled for your success! I think we can also be inspired by the way you’ve embraced these competitions with an open mind, a willing heart, and hard work. Good luck in Vallejo!

Becky, President