Blog Instructions


1.  Go to http://wordpress.com

2.  Login using chamberchatters777 as the username.  (Get the password from club members!)

3.  You’ll see the Chamber Chatters site under the “my blogs” which will appear on your screen. Click on it.

4.  You will now be on the site, but will also have a dashboard at the top of the page.

5.  Click on “New Post” to begin a blog.   Note that as a group, we like to add pictures to our blogs, but it is not required.  If you would like to add a picture, please read section 6 carefully.  If not, proceed to section 7.

6.  First prepare the picture on your computer.

  • Pictures you upload should also be exactly 300 pixels WIDE before you upload them.
  • Pictures should be changed to black and white – occasionally some isolated red is ok.  Look through our archives for examples.
  • Note:  Most black and white pictures look better if the contrast is increased.  Experiment with this a bit before posting.
  • Save the picture on your computer and return to the “new post” window on the Chamber Chatters blog.
  • There are a row of icons to the right of “Upload/Insert”.  Use the left most icon    to add pictures from your computer using the BROWSER UPLOADER!!  Do not use the FLASH UPLOADER.  It is finicky and troublesome.
  • Once you have uploaded a picture, an “edit image” window will appear.
  • You must add a Title, but DO NOT ADD a Caption.  It will add a border and change the way the picture looks on the blog.
  • Alignment should be “center”
  • Size should be “full size”
  • Click on “Insert into Post”
  • Once the post appears with the picture, scroll down in the post and add the written portion of your blog below the picture.

7.  When you have completed your post, select one or more relevant categories for the post.  These categories can be found on the lower right hand side of the screen.  If you don’t see an appropriate category, you can add a new one!

8.  Don’t forget to sign your name at the end of the blog!   Example:  -Mary Blue

9.  Click on the blue “PUBLISH” button and you’re done!



  1. Prepare the picture on your computer.
    1. Change it to black and white
    2. Increase the contrast
    3. Resize the picture to 300 pixels wide
    4. Save it to a place you can remember and access easily! J
  2. Log in on http://wordpress.com
  3. Click on “My Dashboard.”
  4. On the left navigation, you’ll see the “Pages” link.  Click on it.
  5. You’ll see a list of pages, click on “Members”
  6. Click on the left most icon beside “Upload/Insert”
  7. Use the Browser Uploader (not the Flash uploader) to upload the member picture.
  8. Once you upload the picture, an editing window will appear.
    1. Add a title, but NOT a caption.
    2. Alignment should be “center”
    3. Size should be “full size”
  9. Click “Insert into Post”
  10. The picture will appear in the “members” page editing window.  Scroll down and you will see a small image of a camera and a snapshot. The represents a gallery that has been previously set up.  The image you just inserted WILL ALSO be in that gallery (although you can’t see it or any of the other gallery shots at the moment).
  11. Scroll back to the top of the page and click once on the photo you just added in order to select it.  Click DELETE ON YOUR COMPUTER’S KEYBOARD.  The picture will go away but will still be in the gallery.
  12. Click the blue UPDATE button.
  13. On the left navigation, you’ll see a  “Media” link.  Click on it.
  14. You’ll see the picture you just added at the top.  Click “edit” and a “edit media”  window will appear with the picture.  NOW add the appropriate caption, which is the member’s first and last name and their educational award status if they are experienced Toastmasters.  DO NOT skip steps and add a caption in step 8a.  The program is a little buggy and it will add an unwanted border.
  15. Click on the blue “update media” button.
  16. Click on the “visit site” button at the top of the page to check your work!
  17. Note that administrators can start from Step 13, in order to edit captions, delete pictures, etc..

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